Buffet Crampon values are excellence, respect and transmission of our unique know-how, innovation dynamic, permanent dialogue with musicians and lastly, talent encouragement.

Also, the Group’s Human Resources policy is to recruit instrument makers, engineers, marketing managers and sales representatives all of whom are musicians themselves, so that they can understand perfectly the artists’ expectations, and it is so essential to perpetuate this link.

All the same, I would like to add that, beyond the common values which forge the coherence of the Group, we mean to continue to develop the individual personality of our brands. Each has its own DNA which we must preserve.


Buffet Crampon instruments were developed several centuries ago, around exceptional instrument-making know-how. This heritage remains the security of recognition of our manufacturing  «Made in France», «Made in Germany» and since a few weeks “Made in USA”.

Our know-how is complex and precious because it took a long time to acquire, and humanly ambitious to pass on. In our Group, we frequently measure the length of training in years. This means recruiting young apprentices impassioned by the instrument-making trade, to give ourselves the means of transmitting the taste for this exceptional work to them, and to make them work with the veterans in order that, little by little, they are able to acquire and nurture the spark of the training they receive. Our know-how allows us to forge the identity and the memory of all our instruments.

And so for nearly 200 years, musicians have continued to find, in our ten brands, excellence and passion for music. In a collusive and intuitive dialogue with the most renowned artistes, Buffet Crampon’s ambition is to combine tradition and modernisation, know-how and creation, history and innovation, in order to offer instruments of reference.